TV Production and Show Consultation

As a licensed agency with long-term ties to the television production industry, The Disomma Agency offers production services for short form projects, such as music videos and DRTV. We also offer advisory services and strategic planning for new long form television productions. Headed up by former Executive Producer and CMO of numerous nationally-distributed television series, The Disomma Agency is qualified to propertly position network-bound productions for the highest chance of acceptance, returning the most viewers possible. Our services include:

  • Short form Video Production. Our team can produce quality music videos that send the right message to your audience. We also advise for promotion of the piece through VEVO, Worldstar Hip Hop and other online channels while protecting the artist through sync licensing and copyright management. In addition, we offer short-form DRTV marketing services from studio production to media buying and call center management.

  • Monitization planning and pro forma audience and revenue projections. As a television series producer and advisor, we carefully conduct feasibility studies based on daypart performance, viewership ratings and audience engagement. These findings are matched with a marketing plan that meets the needs of brand partners and advertisers to provide additional revenue streams which help fund show production.

  • Branded Entertainment, advertisement planning and alternate media consultation. Whether this is a private production airing as a paid program or a network owned and funded production, The Disomma Agency provides the tools to directly increase revenue and/or drive viewership to raise value in the eyes of both networks and advertisers.

  • Production Marketing, business process re-engineering and CRM administration and deployment. Consistent audience generation, retention and advertiser value is accomplished by testing business processes and adhering to those that work. We employ the tools necessary to automate major steps in the production's operational flowchart to ensure streamlined sales, conversion and retention on all aspects of the business model.

  • Sales reel production, television network submission and commissioning negotiations. From negotiating paid airtime to pitching sales reels for network submission, we are experienced in getting shows sold and aired. The Disomma Agency is skilled in interpreting the needs of neworks' commissioning plans and aiding in show production and development to properly position new shows for presentation to program development executives. Our services include full, network-quality production of sales reels complete with comprehensive marketing plans tailored to the needs of both online and television networks.
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