Technology and Mobile Applications

The tech indsutry is a highly-evolving business to which the vast majority of new players fall peril. As the marketplace becomes more crowded and existing brands are faced with uncertain economic headwinds, new and old tech products need the tools ready for whatever lies ahead. With our connections and experience in the technology development industry, we give our clients and equity partners a considerable advantage when seeking expansion or weathering the storms. Our services include:

  • Initial product development. This includes, in part, developing accurate proforma metrics relating to viability, audience engagement, user retention and conversion.

  • Managing intellectual property and corporate structure. We deal regularly with the USPTO on the submission of utility patents and trademarks for each brand from the provisional stage to registration. This is complemented and often protected by developing a corporate structure that is custom tailored to the product and its associated risks.

  • UI/UX development liason. We work closely with programmers during the design process, utilizing our tools and knowledge to professionlly opine on UI and UX development strategies based on case our studies and former industry projects. This includes wireframing, data flow, information storage and retrieval, and its effects on the overall user expreience. This directely correlates to the limitations a product may have on user-directed marketing and the monetization of data.

  • Launch management. Should the product be intended for launch, then the launch processes are developed in advance, pressure-tested and monitored to be sure milestones are met and conversion projections are on target.

  • Valuation control. Should the product be planned for private equity or VC involvement, The DiSomma Agency will position the brand for its proposed partnerships to deliver the best possible outcome for the brand and its investor(s).