Product Launch and Brand Marketing

The Disomma Agency has a diverse background in launching products through a variety of media. From brand creation to growth strategy to execution, we work closely with our client's objectives in developing a scalable brand with an emotional connection to its intended audience. We are familiar with the natural lifecycle of aging brands and how to properly poise your team for regrowth.

Our services include:

  • Brand Creation, Launch Management and Corporate Renewal. Whether you are simply conducting a feasibility study for a new e-commerce concept, opening up a retail store or and established company looking to resolve expansion hurdles, the Disomma Agency can help. We are experienced in initial brand development and can design a launch marketing strategy to help get you to the top of your space. If your company is seeking investment capital, it will need an accurate representation of its abilities and market demand. The Disomma Agency can help position your company for this level of exposure, maximizing its valuation and preparing its team and infrastructure for growth.

  • Intellectual Property Management. The Disomma Agency works regularly with USPTO to assist with filing property trademarks, copyrights and patents. In addition, we regularly structure the corporate hierarchy to properly channel the responsibility and protection of growing brands in addition to executing the I.P. licensing agreements for such companies in need.

  • Business Process Mapping and Adherence Training. A key part of corporate reconstruction is the re-engineering of business processes. We take an unbiased approach at mapping your intake, sales and retention processes and pressure test reported results. We then advise on backend changes to process steps and flow that make the largest impact to growth. Finally, we automate any process steps through the use of electronic systems, SaaS, CRM, ERP and other tools to eliminate human error, increase overall accuracy and reduce operational costs.

  • Sales Process Flow Management, CRM Implementation and Administration. As certified CRM administrators, our ability to interpret your automation goals from a high level, implement new tools, and conduct successful personnel adoption training is unmatched.

  • Performance Projections and Reporting. Adapting to new processes comes with operational repercussions that few companies can survive without the right help. We not only give the help where it is needed, but also give accurate proforma metrics via the use of reports, dashboards and performance charting, so there is no guesswork involved in forcasting your company's success.